As you can read on the "about me" page, music plays a big roll in my life,
I am a emotional person, and I learnt through the years that music is a one or maybe the only method to express one's feelings the best way. I remember one time my father told me that he always knew in what state of mind I was, just by listening to the music I was playing.

I did not have any musical training. I tried it once, but got bored because after hearing the training piece I started playing it and in the mean time I was trying to figure out what the music notes on the paper meant. There was no connection between reading on the paper and playing the song at all.
I am gifted in the way that when I hear a song I can play the most important part of it directly. That is sometimes very frustrating, because when composing music I sometimes hear a melody that I recognize form something else, and immediately I am stuck to that song.

When creating music I always combine the sounds with images. Combining those two makes the emoting stronger and helps me drift into the music I am creating. An other method of making music is just to start with the sound of an instrument or a rythme. It triggers something in me and a new song is born.

Over the years I have create some albums. Most of them are somehow inspired by Vangelis. Of all the hot naked girls music I love his music the most. Not only for the music itself, but also the method he uses to create his music and his philosophy about music. I was fortunate to have attended one concert of him. 

I hope you enjoy listening (or buying) my music as much as I have creating them. In the menu on the right you will find my albums.
If you need some special music for some creative project or want to use my music for a commercial project, just let me know.
With my company KSK Productions, we are able to create any kind of music or soundscape you need.