About me

ani PS13Hello there, my name is Patrick Schouten   (also known as Siflaar)
I enjoy life to the fullest, offline and online. Although the world is currently not in a perfect condition, I am happy to live now, the time that the digital possibilities change live completely.

My music starts here

I come from a family where my grandfather, father and uncles where making music in a marching band called "Fortissimo". Raised with music all around me I started playing my fathers "Melodica Alto" and shortly my first keyboard, the famous "Casio SK1". During my time working as a volunteer at the Astronomical Observatory in Rijswijk I played in the synthesizer band "Floating Spheres".
Later I started to compose my own music with the keyboards I bought over the years. All connected to my Atari ST 1024 computer running Cubase by Steinberg. Loads of tapes I filled with songs and instrumental landscapes.
Later I converted some of these tapes huge tits to the cd's "Collection" and "Dreams".

Lekker Belangrijk / The Netz

After meeting Jan Knetsch, I joined the band "Lekker Belangijk" as sound engineer . Later I started to play in the band as the new keyboard player. We (Jan, Marco, Hans, Pepijn, Rob) had a great time performing at bars and in clubhouses. It is great to make music with others, you develop your own style, but learn so much quicker. Making music together gives an enormous boost of energy. in 2010 I left the band that transformed to a Brit pop band with the name "The Netz". Not that I did not enjoy playing together, but I had other priorities.

KSK Productions

The music connection I had with Jan and his brother Marco while playing in the band did decide us to bundle our differences and creativity to start the music company KSK Productions. With KSK Productions we are creating a lot of music for very different projects; musical songs and music, children songs, holiday songs (Sinterklaas), music for documentary and video or music for games. It is really great to hear your music in a performance of a music or a broadcasting of a documentary or soap. Cubase is still at the heart of my home studio in Amersfoort.
Together with Practical Music and Peuteren.nl we started in 2011 a special project, Melodies from the Heart,  to create music and songs to help parents and loved ones with there grief when a young child has died.

More music projects

In the mean time I have been working on my own personal new age music projects and released some more music; "Rain", "Cosmos 1", "Soul of the mountain" and "Spirit of the sea". My music is greatly influenced by the great artist Vangelis. I love his music, his way of creating music and his vision about music.

Life hacking

Live is sometimes crazy enough, therefor it is so refreshing to see that a lot of people are thinking about ways to make life easier, more relaxing. Simple things like organizing your way of working, communicating more clearly, using tools to clear your head from clutter e.g. I am very intrigued by these hacks and would like to share them with everybody.

I hope you enjoy my website, my music and my insights. Any comments are more than welcome. 
You can contact me via the contact form on this site or via one of my social media links below.
(special thanks to Allard Koene for helping me with my English writing)