Collection (1997)

the album "Collection" by Patrick Schouten


a smile in the dark
Maud's theme
theme of Vangelis
jazzy cafe
the blues man
the blonde lady
mechanic man
beach light
dr. Drone
the dance of the dragon (bonus track)

The music on this album was originaly released in pornstar 1997 on cassette tape. In 2000 the music was transferred to CD without extra mixing and mastering.

Maud's theme

This is a song that I created after a former colleague Maud had told me about the television series "Twin Peaks". For a while I watched the series and the music by Angelo Badalamenti inspired me to create this song.

Theme of Vangelis

This song I wrote some days after Vangelis Papathanasiou's concert in the harbor of Rotterdam, which he performed on the closing of the Eureka project.

The dance of the dragon

This is a song that was not released on the original cassette tape. Special about this song is that it was recorded live, so no editing in Cubase. 

This album is not available for sale, so enjoy it by listening via the player.